Marzelli Deli was founded in 2004 by Louis Marzelli with the mission of bringing "The finest and freshest quality products, large portions, fair prices, and the Italian Tradiation of first name friendliness to the town of Newbury."

Louis grew up in the heavily Italian influenced town of White Plains New York, where he learned from his mother and father recipes handed down from generations.

In 1978 when Lou was ski bumming out in Steam Boat Springs, he got the call from his Brother in Law to come start a restaurant in Newbury NH.  I'm not sure the town was quite ready for the Marzelli boys, but they made an ever lasting impression and have been serving authentic Italian food to date in this sleepy old town.

As years passed and the area grew, Louis Married his wife and saint Mary, had 4 kids, many dogs, owned and operated 3 restaurants and finally opened his dream operation in 2004, Marzelli Deli.
Louis Marzelli formulated the idea to offer prepared take and bake dinners for working families, busy singles, and couples. Offering the taste of home cooking without having to do the work. "Families and People are busy today, and it is nice to have the option to stop here, grab a tray of Lasagna, stick it in the oven, and eat."

This idea has served the community well and still is the go-to on your way home from work.

In April of 2011, his son Vinny Marzelli and daughter in-law Michelle Marzelli bought Marzelli Deli with the promise to keep the tradition going forward and continue to serve the lovely town of Newbury.


Owners Vinny &  Michelle Marzelli

In 2011 Vinny and Michelle moved from Burlington Vermont after both graduating from Saint Michael's College. Vinny with a Business Degree and Michelle with a Masters in TESOL. After many hours working and helping build the deli, they were given the opportunity to succeed the deli from their father, and father-in-law Louis Marzelli.

Of course with the promise that Lou wasn't going anywhere.

In 2012 Vinny and Michelle Married, started their official home together in Newbury, and now have 2 wonderful kids, and 2 dogs.  

Michelle works for the Kearsarge School District and you will frequently see her working weekends, and in the summer.

Vinny now over sees the whole operation with his father Louis and you will often see the two laughing, cooking together, talking loud, butting heads, and shaking their heads at one another. Though the business can be tough, and family can be hard to work with, being able to work together makes it worth it.

Marzelli Deli is still a place to come share your memories of the old country, new country, food, good wine, and laughter.
Hours of Operation
8:00am - 6:00pm
Monday - Thursday 
7:00am - 7:00pm Friday - Saturday
7:00am - 8:00pm
889 Route 103
Newbury NH 03255


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